Saturday, March 28, 2009

Super-Scientific Test

I embarrass my children all the time. Not on purpose, but because I don't realize that being me is, in itself, embarrassing. I have tried to be more like them, but that is also embarrassing. Then I tried to be a modified version of me; less hovering, less smothering, but evidently, that is trying too hard and also embarrassing.

I guess it is just that I am so old I forget I am someone's mother and need to be reminded periodically that I should only do embarrassing things like breath and talk, when I am alone and in the house with all of the curtains and doors closed. The good news is, if you are like me, and you happen to forget, I have devised a simple, yet very scientific, test to determine if you are in fact someone's mother. Just answer these questions below. If you answer yes to any of them, you are either someone's mother or a deranged lunatic. Either way: seek help.

Ok, so here goes . . .

Have you ever caught vomit with your bare hands?

Have you ever counted crackers, a cheese stick, and raisins as a full meal?

Have you ever: signed a permission slip, broken up a fight, helped tie shoes, and combed someone's hair--all while going to the bathroom?

Have you ever consumed a half-eaten grilled cheese/peanut butter sandwich that has slobber on one side and applesauce/pudding/yogurt on the other because you are just too exhausted to make anything else for yourself to eat?

Have you ever listened to another adult talk about potty-training for 2 hours straight without your eyeballs rolling to the back of your head, and falling into a boredom induced coma, because you are so starved for companionship that you need to talk to a grown-up . . . or you will literally lose your mind?

Have you ever listened to an entire music/CD collection sung entirely by cartoon characters?

Have you ever agreed to help make an authentic mummy/civil war/roman chariot replica out of modeling compound/paper mache/styrofoam only to discover that, 12 hours into it you: 1.) Have absolutely no artistic ability, and 2.) Have no idea what you are doing?

Have you ever had to remove any type of round item (i.e., a marble, pencil eraser, piece of cereal, bead, etc.) from a child's ears, nose, and/or diaper?

Have you ever felt that it is absolutely necessary to "stack the deck" before you begin playing the game Candyland so that no one gets Plumpy near the end and starts crying and makes you start the game over, causing you to think suicidal thoughts?

Have you ever given a really obnoxious toy to a niece or nephew as revenge for a toy that was given to someone in your home?

Is the floor-board of your car permanently sticky?

Have you ever thought that eating boogers should be a capital crime?

Have you ever planned, and invited, twenty 5-year-olds to a birthday party complete with decorations, hats, games, food, cake, ice cream, favors and a pinata? And did you allow other parents to drop the children off and leave? Did you think it would be a peaceful and organized event, since you put so much time into organizing the whole thing, only to find that small children can smell fear and know how to mutiny? After the children left did you look around and say "I am never doing that again" only to turn around and do it again when the child turned 6?

Have you ever been peed on and didn't notice it right away?

Have you ever heard a noise from another room that sounded like something breaking and thought--"I do not care if a 16th century Ming Vase was just destroyed, unless someone comes in here screaming and holding a severed arm, I am not going to see what that noise is? I am too tired."

If you have ever said the phrase: "I hope that you have kids that are just like you," you are definitely someone's mother. Like I said above--get help. After all, the first step is admitting you have a problem, that is what my kids tell me.


  1. So true... so true... I will make an appointment immediately!!

  2. Ha! I am definitely someone's mother, based on your descriptions above, it would seem. I think I've done or experienced EVERYTHING on that list! Sad, isn't it? Loved it! Just one suggestion: "someone's" has an apostrophe. It's possessive.

  3. Yes, yes, maybe, yes.....
    Hi Sonia! :)

  4. I seriously need help! I answered yes to almost all of those questions! (Never caught vomit with my bare hands. They start hurling and I run for my life...or at least call Josh.)I do clean it up after I'm done vomiting myself.

  5. I am terrific at cheating in War. I can end that game in 10 minutes flat. And the one about eating the half-eaten food had me in stiches. So funny!

    tina v-p